Mack Heavy Duty Rolling Walker by Nova (Model# 4215)

Part Number:7548
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 Mack Heavy Duty Rolling Walker by Nova (Model# 4215)


Your Price: $299.99
  • 400 lb weight capacity and standard seat height for average to tall height users
  • More durable, longer lasting 8” rugged wheels in black with easy to use locking handbrakes designed for maximum comfort and control
  • Large blow molded seat with a built-in and removable rubber pad and a removable front wire basket Convenient flip-up backrest makes it easy to fold and comes with the Lock n’ Load to keep it closed for easy transporting and storage
  • Dimensions:
    • Handle height adjustable: 34.5? – 39?
    • Approximate user height: 5’5? – 6’2”
    • Walker weight: 18.25 lb

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