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  6. Adjustable Folding Seat Cane by Nova (Model# 3090)

Adjustable Folding Seat Cane by Nova (Model# 3090)

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Your Price: $27.99
Part Number: 7513
The folding seat canes are made out of lightweight aluminum and has a full grip plastic handle. They have a comfortable seat and sturdy cane that is ideal for shoppers, strollers, or golfers. The seat size is 8?d x 8?w and the seat is non-adjustable with a 22? height. The handle height is non-adjustable and 34.5?. The cane weighs 1 lb. and the tip size is 30010.

Item Number:      3090
UPC Number:      652308309004
Weight Capacity:      175 lb
Weight:      1 lb
Seat Height:      22?
Seat Dimensions:      8”w x 8”d
Handle Height:      34.5?