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Drive™ JetNeb Plus

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Part Number: 7874

  • The Drive™ JetNeb Plus breath enhanced reusable nebulizer utilizes a dual valve system improving clinical efficacy and treatment efficiency
  • Through superior product engineering, the Drive™ JetNeb Plus uses an inspiratory valve that delivers more medication while the patient breathes in, and an expiratory valve that wastes less when the patient breathes out
  • Optimized average particle size of 3.4 µm for targeted deep lung therapy
  • Up to 92.6% of medication is aerosolized into fine particle mist
Average Particle Size 3.4 µm
Flow 5.1 L/min
Fraction of Fine Particles 92.60%
Maximum Filling Volume 8 ml
Minimum Filling Volume 2 ml
Nebulization Rate 0.3 ml / min
Output 0.45 ml
Output Range

0.02 ml / min