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Knee Walker By Nova (Model# TKW-12)

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Your Price: $399.95
Part Number: 7562
  • Knee Walker with 300 lb weight capacity is ideal to provide non-weight bearing mobility for ankle, foot or Achilles injuries
  • Easy maneuverability combined with NOVA’s patented locking hand brakes
  • Easily adjusts for left or right leg, steering column folds down for transport and storage
  • Comes with 8” rugged wheels and contoured and padded knee platform
    • Approximate user height: 4’11” – 6’2”
    • Knee pad height adjustment: 16” – 20.5”
    • Weight: 26 lb
    • Weight Capacity: 300 lb
    • Color: Metallic Silver

We love the Knee Walker because being on the go … while recovering from foot/ ankle/Achilles injury is long, uncomfortable and very inconvenient. Stay mobile and recover better with the non-weight bearing Knee Walker, equipped with locking hand brakes, rugged wheels and a strong frame that supports up to 300 lb It’s going to be a long 6-12 weeks … suffer less and move more.

Item Number: TKW-12
UPC Number: 652308134231
HPPCS Code: E0118
Overall Weight: 26 lbs.
Overall Dimensions (High): 18.5"w x 32.25"d x 37.25"h
Overall Dimensions (Low): 18.25"w x 32.25"d x 31.25"h
Overall Dimensions When Folded: 19.5"w x 32.25"d x 19.75"-22"h
Approx. User Height: 4’11” – 6’2"
Handle Height Adjustment: 31.25" – 37.25"
Seat Dimensions: 7.5"w x 15"d x 2.75"h
Seat Height (High): 22"
Seat Height (Low): 16.75"
Wheel Size: 8"